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Last Updated:
January 31, 2010


Here's what's in our store

Inside Bradshaws Country Store

Watch this page for items and services that are in our store.

Unleaded Regular gas.
----- our gas has no ethanol. It's the real thing! -----

Diesel Fuel rated for on-road vehicles.

Clear Kerosene for heating.

Air for your tires.

LP gas bottle exchange.

Smoked country hams from Felts meat packing.

Gift baskets, cards, balloons (helium filled), and flower arrangements by a professional floral designer.

Live fish bait. (seasonal)

Beer and Wine.

Cigarettes (by the pack or carton) and other tobacco products. We have more than 150 types of cigarettes. If we don't carry your brand, just ask, and we will try to locate it and put it into our store.

Many varieties of soft drinks.

Canned goods. We continue to increase the selection. Please let us know if we need to add something we don't already stock

Dan doodles, side meat, and hog jowls for seasoning--all locally produced.

Nixon's BBQ in 2-pound and 12-ounce containers.

Milk, eggs, butter, margarine, shortening.

Bread--white, wheat, and buns.

"June Daisy" cheese, sold by the pound.

Motor oil and other products for your car.

Home first aid and personal hygiene items.

Dog food and cat food.

If we don't have it, just ask, and we will do our best to get it for you.

We can order large quantities of items for your party, and we can deliver it to your house or party site, if in the local area.

If you would like for us to stock an item we don't have, please let us know when you visit our store.